A Different Kind of Agency

The core of DMG Communication is made up of experienced marketing professional leaders representing strategy, creative, integrated communication planning and execution, media planning and project management.

DMG Communication also brings you an array of specialists and consultants ready to be integrated into your account team once needs and scope have been defined.

As an alternative agency model, we have deep expertise in agriculture — specifically animal nutrition and health — but also the efficiencies of a senior team that has been working together for more than a decade. You’ll have the right talent at the table for every job, no more, no less, because we can reconfigure project teams with ease. And by removing unnecessary process and layers of overhead, we represent a more progressive, collaborative and productive approach to client relationships.

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We speak and understand the language of the client and the agency, because we've been both at some point along the way. We know there are some things that are needed ASAP and others that will require lengthy collaborative discussion. We ask questions and don’t get our feathers ruffled when the answer is “because I told you so.”

From Google chats to Skype and Dropbox, we operate in a digital world, but our work speaks for itself. Office or not, it's all about delivering great work and great service with the paid, owned, earned and shared properties.

Take a look at a few of our case studies.

Our Work

Our Team

Are you looking to improve your marketing results by working with an agency that understands your business, that offers both strategic consulting and tactical execution across owned, paid, earned and shared media, and can scale up or down based on your needs? DMG Communication leverages a network of focused contractors and consultants to provide industry focus, senior-level talent, and a full array of “big agency” services in a lean, scalable offering. What that means is you avoid typical agency costs and huge hourly rates.

Unlike most agencies, DMG doesn’t work in every industry. Our people are passionate and experienced in agriculture and animal health, so we’re not going to have clients pay to have our people learn the industry. We use senior-level talent in our network, meaning clients get people who know how to do it and have done it.

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We've worked with some of the biggest brands in ag — as well as a number of national and global leaders in specific verticals outside of ag that have chosen us as a primary partner for their marketing, communications and online technology needs. Regardless of the industry, our client relationships are long-term, strategic and results-driven. And our approach is to work with you as a collaborator — an extension of your team.

Here are a few of our current clients:

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Building better messages: Simplicity, clarity and the “power of three”

Jason Williams, Director of Client Service for DMG Communication, has more than 20 years experience helping companies launch new products and get more value from their existing products. Messaging is a huge piece of the marketing puzzle that often gets minimized due to time, budget or just lack of customer insights. In this article, Jason explores how DMG helps customers improve their messages. Read more.