Hy•D Customer Journey


Client: DSM Animal Nutrition and Health

Product: Hy•D, a vitamin D metabolite

Objective: Develop go-to-market positioning for a recently introduced vitamin D innovation for the swine industry

Challenge: To more clearly position Hy•D in the marketplace relative to its lifetime value to sow herds, and ability to improve immune function support in nursery pigs. With limited time and  budget and no customer research insights, we had our work cut out for us.

Solution: In short order, we assembled an internal team of DSM swine marketers, sales account managers and technical service consultants for a full-day workshop focused on:

  • Aligning and prioritizing market opportunities and target audiences
  • Developing a deeper understanding of our target audiences — their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors relative to this product category, including a discussion of Hy•D customer feedback and language (what do they really say about the product…in their words?)
  • Developing positioning and messaging through a customer-experience mapping exercise

Deliverables and outcomes:

  • A robust assessment of swine veterinarians and nutritionists, the primary influencers and gatekeepers within this product category
  • Customer experience maps focused on barriers and opportunities as well as when and how to engage our target audiences with the brand
  • Clear and concise positioning and messaging
  • Customer insights that informed our integrated communication plan
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