Client: Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA)

Product: Pork products at retail

Background/Objectives: During the month of October 2018 — National Pork Month — IPPA was focused on creating a new brand, along with an integrated communication plan that was coordinated with major Iowa retailers to drive sales.

Challenge: There were numerous immediate challenges including budget and time constraints.  We also had the task of creating communications to keep IPPA members informed and engaged in the effort, during a period when they were experiencing lower market values for their animals and some felt marketing expenditures were wasteful.

Strategy: Create a brand that would connect with Iowa consumers and have strong stopping power in order to promote pork, pork recipes and incorporate production messaging. The brand was to include a localized Iowa component as an alternative to the national theme, to be utilized across channels and audiences.

Solution: We created a brand and campaign primarily supported by a custom landing page and integrated communication plan that incorporated radio advertising and radio remotes with local retailers, boosted social posts, Facebook canvas ad, custom #Porktober graphics, Snapchat filter and robust social media content calendar, and, in addition, producer-facing print ads.


Facebook: 39 total posts; gained 132 followers; 4,999 total engagement

Twitter: 55 tweets; gained 128 followers; 763 total engagement

Instagram: 17 posts; gained 26 followers; 391 total engagement

Website stats comparing Oct 2018 to Sept 2018:

  • Users – 42.27% increase
  • New users – 43.18% increase
  • Sessions – 43.83% increase
  • Number of sessions per user – 1.10% increase
  • Pageviews – 50.29% increase
  • Pages/session – 4.49% increase
  • Avg session duration = 17% increase
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