Customer-First Marketing Planning

Think of your customer first or your customer won’t think of you at all


Marketing plans that start and end with the product – attributes, benefits, objectives, competitors – are missing the most important element of all: the customer. Not a vague demographic target, but the person whose money and loyalty you seek to win.

We believe a customer-first mindset is vital to success. Ideally that mindset, and the behaviors that go with it, should extend beyond marketing to inform and influence the way your entire organization thinks and acts.

After all, without your customer, you wouldn’t be in business.

Customer insights: talk to them or you’re talking to yourself

Marketing planning should start with a healthy dialogue about – and with – your customers. Who are they and what do they need? How much time and effort do you put into understanding them? Where are you getting your information about them? Talking to your sales department is valuable but it’s not the same as listening to actual customers.

Do you really understand their world? What motivates them? What are their goals, challenges and concerns? How can your products and services help? We believe resources spent getting input and insights make it possible to connect with customers on a deeper level, giving you a competitive advantage with measurable bottom-line results.

The DMG customer-first marketing plan

Our four-step approach ensures that your marketing plan connects your customers with the right offer at the right point along the customer journey.