Facilitation and Coaching

Smoothing the path to next-level success


New challenges and disruption can’t be managed successfully by doing more of what you’ve done before. It takes new skills, new approaches and new ways of thinking to move your business forward. Facilitation and coaching can provide the support and stimulus teams need to maximize opportunities and advance together with confidence.

Meeting facilitation
(In-person or virtual)

Meeting for success

It takes planning and preparation to make meetings productive. The more important the meeting – whether off-site, on-site or online – the more important upfront organization becomes. But busy team members don’t have the time, tools or training to maximize meeting effectiveness. It’s typically a better use of talent for your people to participate fully, rather than manage the conversation.

Our professional facilitators will:

  • See that everyone feels heard, facilitating buy-in
  • Make sure all the issues are tabled and discussion remains focused
  • Set norms and build consensus around expectations and deliverables
  • Promote new perspectives where conversations have become stuck
  • Open up new ways of thinking and talking about key business challenges

Training teams and leaders
(In-person or virtual)

Positioning for high performance


Whether you’re onboarding a new team, addressing communication issues, developing the next generation of leadership or making a transformational change to your entire organization, our business coaches can provide in-person or remote training.

  • Leadership training: provides insight about different leadership styles; when and how to flex to others; strategies to build support, leverage individual strengths and inspire innovative thinking; and ways to exercise effective leadership – no matter what position you hold.
  • Communication training: identifies the lynchpin that underlies all effective communication; barriers that keep information from flowing smoothly; and one key area that will improve your team’s communication habits.
  • Emotional intelligence assessment: offers a clear assessment of behaviors that influence work relationships and dramatically impact success; as well as guidelines to help individual team members build on strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Research shows soft skills lead to solid business wins.

Executive coaching
(In-person or virtual)

Maximizing leadership potential
80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and more than 70% of coaching clients say they benefit from improved work performance and more effective communication skills.

Executive coaching provides the individual support to develop and hone leadership skills that are critical in business today. With the guidance of a dedicated coach, participants will learn to leverage personal strengths, mitigate weaknesses and grow to their full potential. Because we’re not part of the organization, we can sidestep internal issues and provide valuable, objective feedback.

DMG executive coaching enables:

  • Personal breakthroughs: the space to recognize patterns and see the big picture. Once you understand your strengths, values and barriers, you can focus on business goals with purpose and clarity.
  • Leadership breakthroughs: the ability to put new insights into practice – accelerating performance, influencing behaviors and managing change with resilience.
  • Innovation and creative problem-solving: the habit of challenging assumptions, broadening your thinking and supporting a culture of outside-the-box solutions.