Relationship Management

Enhance the value of your business partnerships


DMG offers two areas of service and support to advance key partnerships. We can help you improve existing agency relationships to generate more effective marketing solutions and better business outcomes. And, we can identify additional resources – from internal talent to external agencies and specialized services – to help you meet and exceed business objectives.

Introducing OPTIMIZE: better relationships, better business

The client/agency relationship is unique among business partnerships. Like a marriage, it is highly complex, collaborative and reliant on open communication. Add to that the pressures of a rapidly changing media landscape and it’s no surprise the client/agency “divorce rate” has skyrocketed over the past seven years, going from an average of 7.2 years in 1983 to just under three years in 2019. What is that failed relationship costing you?

OPTIMIZE is a relationship management solution. It’s different from ordinary agency evaluation tools, which typically provide a grade or score but do nothing to improve the partnership outcomes.

What makes OPTIMIZE different:

Both client and agency must take ownership of their role and responsibility in the relationship. Each respects the other’s value and perspective.

Only contributing agency and client team members assess outcomes relevant to the business. When too many individuals who are not directly involved with the team perform the assessment, results can be misleading or diluted.


It’s not about a score, it’s about a path to improvement. OPTIMIZE provides directional insights to help you identify and address issues that will have a real and lasting impact on the partnership.

Assessment is only the first step. The real benefits begin when our relationship management experts help your team develop a continuous improvement plan to achieve a more rewarding partnership and better business outcomes.

Connecting you to the right resource

The DMG model is about getting the right talent at the table at the right time to meet your needs. That could mean adding a new member to your DMG account team, helping you recruit new employees or sourcing specialized marketing services for a specific project.

If you’re conducting an agency review, we can manage the entire RFP acquisition and vetting process on your behalf.

We also have experience helping clients develop in-house marketing and communications departments, including team structure, individual roles and responsibilities, talent acquisition and onboarding oversight.

With an extensive network of marketing and communications talent within the ag and animal health industry, we can connect you to the capabilities your business needs.