DMG Expands Consultative Services

We have expanded DMG strategic capabilities, broadening our services to include coaching, facilitation, a practical, customer-first planning process and an agency partnership optimization solution. Unlike more generalized consulting firms, we bring decades of experience in ag and animal health to the table. With a deep understanding of how science-based, highly regulated companies function, we can deliver actionable insights and practical recommendations focused on optimizing outcomes and generating results. Suzi Sutton-Vermeulen, DMG strategic consultant, provides more detail around each of these service offerings.

Q: What services are you offering your clients that they may not yet be aware of?
A: DMG offers customer-first marketing planning, working with you and your team to provide effective go-to-market strategies driven by meaningful customer insights. Along with coaching and facilitation services, we are excited to offer OPTIMIZE, our proprietary new relationship management solution, which helps you implement a program of continuous improvement with key partners. We also can help you recruit and develop internal resources and manage the partner selection process.

Q: How can DMG help me put the customer first?
A: Marketing plans that start and end with the product – features, benefits, purpose, price, competitors – are missing the most important element of all: the customer. Understanding the person whose money and loyalty you seek to win should be the first order of business. We believe a customer-first mindset is vital to success.

We can help you gather the information and insights to address customer needs on a deeper level, giving you a competitive advantage with measurable bottom-line results. Our four-step approach ensures that your marketing plan connects your customers with the right offer at the right point along the customer journey.

  • The inventory: a review of existing information
  • The current state: a series of qualitative interviews with key customers to understand their current needs and wants
  • The journey: a gathering of the right people (sales, marketing, technical, customer) to discuss how to influence the customer on the journey from “I’ve never heard of this product” through “I want it” to “I use it and tell people about it.”
  • The plan: development of a marketing plan using owned, shared, paid and earned media to connect with customers at key points along the journey.

Q: Can DMG help me improve my agency relationships? How does that work?
A: DMG has developed OPTIMIZE, a unique new relationship management solution that goes beyond ordinary agency evaluation tools to help you improve the performance and outcomes of key partnerships.

OPTIMIZE empowers both client and agency to take ownership of their role and responsibility in the relationship. Assessment is only the first step, as OPTIMIZE is designed to help team members identify and address issues that are impacting performance. It’s not about a score, it’s about a path to improvement. The real benefits begin when our relationship management experts help your team develop a continuous improvement plan to achieve a more rewarding partnership and better business outcomes.

Q: What if I need additional resources such as internal talent or specialized services?

A: The DMG model is about getting the right talent at the table at the right time to meet your needs. That could mean adding a new member to your DMG account team, helping you recruit new employees or sourcing specialized marketing services for a specific project.

If you’re conducting an agency review, we can manage the entire RFP acquisition and vetting process on your behalf. We also have experience helping clients develop in-house marketing and communications departments, including the team structure, individual roles and responsibilities, talent acquisition and onboarding oversight.

Q: Does DMG offer leadership training?
A: DMG coaches have the experience to develop effective leaders and high performance teams. Our leadership training provides insight about different leadership styles; when and how to flex to others; strategies to build support, leverage individual strengths and inspire innovative thinking; and ways to exercise effective leadership—no matter what position you hold.

DMG communication training provides strategies to improve your team’s communication habits. And our emotional-intelligence assessment identifies behaviors that influence work relationships, as well as guidelines to help individual team members build on strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Whether you’re on-boarding a new team, addressing communication issues, developing the next generation of leadership or making a transformational change to your entire organization, our business coaches can provide in-person or remote training.

Q: What can DMG offer to help facilitate and plan meetings to make them more productive?
A: It takes planning and preparation to make meetings productive. The more important the meeting – whether off-site, on-site or online – the more important that upfront organization becomes. But busy team members don’t have the time, tools or training to maximize meeting effectiveness. It’s typically a better use of talent for your people to participate fully, rather than manage the conversation.

Our professional facilitators will:

  • See that everyone feels heard, facilitating buy-in
  • Make sure all unrelated issues are tabled and discussion remains focused
  • Set norms and build consensus around expectations and deliverables
  • Promote new perspectives where conversations have become stuck
  • Open up new ways of thinking and talking about key business challenges

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